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Paramaribo, Suriname (10th September 2019) – Following its successful launch of Caribbean FutureScape in April 2019, the CTU is taking its technology immersion roadshow to Suriname. Caribbean FutureScape visitors – citizens, will experience how technology may be effectively applied to everyday activities in Caribbean life and the possibilities for an exciting future for us all.

Caribbean FutureScape is a simulation of four Caribbean countries that have come together   and moved into the digital age. Fundamental to experiencing its services is the unique digital identifier or e-ID. The assignment of an e-ID will allow citizens to move freely from country to country with their capital and goods; establish businesses; buy and sell land; and access Government services in any of the countries.

Ms. Bernadette Lewis, Secretary General of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) commended the work of the Government of Suriname, stating that Suriname is on its way towards achieving digital transformation by launching its e-ID service in March of this year. “I am pleased to see the commitment of the Government of Suriname towards reaching 21st Century Government status, in launching their e-ID service, which is a major stepping stone on the road to digital transformation. This proves that such transformation is within our reach.”  

Referring to the game changing transformation that Caribbean life should undergo, once technology is properly applied, Ms. Lewis further added, “Citizens should no longer have to wait in long lines to transact business. Government services should be made available online and be made accessible to all, throughout the region and internationally.”

Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communication, Hon. Rajiv Chotkan agreed. In his view, “The Caribbean region will only be able to reach its full potential if governments come together and create the e-Caribbean government space for all Caribbean citizens.”

Under the theme ‘Digital Transformation…Do It!, the Government of Suriname in collaboration with the Caribbean Telecommunications Union and Telecommunicatie Autoriteit Suriname (TAS) will host ICT Week – Suriname from 16th to 20th September 2019. ICT Week offers an important series of activities for governments and the general public.

Apart from showcasing Caribbean FutureScape, which is open to the public from 2pm to 8pm from 18th to 20th September, Facebook will host their Boost your Business event to which the public is also invited. These events are free.

Other events include the CTU’s statutory meetings, open only to Ministers for ICTs and their Senior Public Servants, and the Caribbean Ministerial Simulation Exercise in Collaboration for Advancing the Single ICT Space. The Simulation is open to all government Ministers and their Senior Public Servants. There will also be GSMA Training on The Internet of Things, Facebook Train the Trainer workshop:  programmes on the use of Social Media and ICT for Persons with Disabilities sessions for the Blind and Deaf.

Citizens who are sixteen years and over are encouraged to register for Caribbean FutureScape by 16th September at 5:00 pm. Persons who register, submitting a photograph of themselves will receive a Caribbean FutureScape photo e-ID card and will be able to experience life to the fullest in this immersive, interactive technology space. Persons younger than sixteen years of age are also invited to attend without registration.

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The Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) is an inter-governmental organisation dedicated to supporting the development of the Caribbean information and communications technologies (ICT) sector. The CTU also promotes coordination of ICT at the regional level, identifies and removes roadblocks to ICT development, keeps track of industry progress and responds to the needs of the ICT sector, all with the aim of creating a cohesive regional approach to an ICT agenda which embraces the needs of all stakeholders. The CTU is committed to ICT development that reaches the citizens of the region, creating affordable access to ICT and helping citizens to use ICT effectively to transform their lives. 

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