Caribbean Internet Development Foundation


The Caribbean Development Foundation (CIDF) is a multi-stakeholder Internet-focused institution that seeks to foster innovation, educate and implement activities for facilitating Caribbean digital transformation and development.

The CIDF is a legal entity incorporated on 20th October 2017 by the Caribbean Telecommunications Union under the Companies Act, 1995 of Trinidad and Tobago. Registered as a non-Profit Organisation, the CIDF is located in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

Vision: An integrated digitally transformed Caribbean

Mission: Mobilising national communities and fostering innovation for the development of Caribbean information societies and digital economies.

Many Caribbean citizens are excluded from the political, social and economic decisions that shape their lives because of they are technology aliens – unaware of the potential of the Internet to transform their lives.

The Caribbean Internet Development Foundation (CIDF) seeks to create a digital future and positive outcomes for all Caribbean citizens. Promoting the Internet as an essential resource for life in the 21st century is at the heart of the work of the CIDF.

The CIDF will prepare Caribbean stakeholders to leverage technology to foster digital transformation by inculcating innovative thinking; building skill and expertise in ICT and Internet Governance (IG) and coordinating projects that advance the Caribbean IG Agenda.

The CIDF will:

  • Convene the Annual Caribbean Internet Governance Forum.
  • Maintain and foster the implementation of the Caribbean IG Policy Framework.
  • Support the establishment of national IG fora.
  • Educate and train stakeholders towards successful execution of Internet-related projects.
  • Conduct appropriate benchmarking studies.
  • Undertake research.

The Caribbean Internet Governance Policy Framework (CIGPF) will guide the activities of the CIDF. Working in strategic partnerships with national IGFs, multi-disciplinary teams and diverse stakeholders drawn from regional governments, the private sector and civil society, the CIDF will seek to advance the Caribbean Internet Governance Agenda.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Increase in number of countries that embrace IG principles and best practices.
  • Internet-enabled innovation and Internet-related entrepreneurism and job creation.
  • Strong, sustained participation of Caribbean countries in the international Internet policy bodies.
  • Emergence of a national and regional Internet innovation culture.
  • Caribbean Digital Transformation.
  • Social and economic development.