CTU’s 3rd International ICT Forecast and Preparatory Meeting

June 3, 2024
Venue: Virtual

Dear Stakeholder,

On behalf of Secretary-General Rodney Taylor, the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) Secretariat is pleased to announce the hosting of CTU’s 2024 3rd International ICT Forecast and Industry Watch Meeting on 3rd June 2024. This is the 3rd in a series of preparatory meetings to be held quarterly in 2024. 

The meeting will apprise stakeholders of the upcoming series of regional and international meetings taking place in the 3rd quarter of 2024. The Secretariat has invited partner organisations to present a brief on each meeting to demonstrate the importance of Caribbean representation at all major decision-making events for the region.  

Please join us for this important meeting!


CTU’s 2024 3rd International ICT Forecast

and Industry Watch Meeting

Monday 3rd June 2024

Provisional Agenda

Monday 3rd June 2024
13:00 Welcome Mr. Rodney Taylor

Secretary-General, CTU

13:05 01st– 04th July 2024

ITU Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR-24) (Kampala, Uganda)

Ms. Sofie Maddens (TBC)

Chief of Digital Knowledge Department

International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

13:15 07th – 11th July 2024

CANTO 2024 Conference (Miami, Florida)

Mrs. Teresa Wankin 

Secretary-General, CANTO



08th – 10th July 2024

UWI Five Island Campus Inaugural Artificial Intelligence Conference in the Caribbean (Antigua and Barbuda)

Dr. Curtis Charles 

Director, Academic Affairs

University of the West Indies, Five Islands Campus

13:35 22nd – 27th July 2024

ITU Regional Radiocommunication Seminar (Grenada)  

23rd – 27th September 2024

ITU’s Regional Cyberdrill 2024 (Lima, Peru)

Mr. Cleveland Thomas (TBC)

Area Representative, Caribbean, ITU


13:55 12th – 16th August 2024

Digital Transformation and Innovation School – Caribbean, Various partners (Trinidad and Tobago)

Mr. Kevon Swift 

Head of Strategic Relations and Integration


14:05 12th – 14th August 2024

Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) Annual General Assembly (AGA) (Belize)

Mrs. Sonia Gill 



14:15 19th – 23rd August 2024

OAS CITEL 45th Meeting of PCC.I Telecommunications/ICT (Brazil)

23rd – 27th September 2024

OAS CITEL 44th Meeting of PCC.II – Radiocommunications (Mexico)

Ms. Maria Celeste Fuenmayor (TBC)

Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL)/Organization of American States

14:35 21st – 24th August 2024

CTU’s 20th Caribbean Internet Governance Forum and 3rd Caribbean Youth Internet Governance Forum (Guyana)

Mr. Nigel Cassimire

Deputy Secretary-General


14:45 22nd August 2024

CTU/ARIN/LACNIC Policy Forum (Guyana)

18th – 20th September 2024

10th Caribbean Peering and Interconnection Forum (CarPIF) (Curacao)

Mr. Bevil Wooding (TBC)

Director, Caribbean Affairs, ARIN

15:05 18th – 20th September 2024

CaribNOG 28 Regional Meeting (Curacao)

Dr. Claire Craig 

Director, Research, CARIBNOG

15:15 22nd – 23rd September 2024

United Nations Summit of the Future (New York)

Mr. Fillippo Prerozzi (TBC)

Advisor to United Nations Tech Envoy

United Nations

15:25 30th September – 04th October 2024

CTU’s ICT Week 2024 – St. Kitts and Nevis

(Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis)

Mr. Rodney Taylor

Secretary-General, CTU

Representative (TBC)

Government of St. Kitts & Nevis



Global ICT Industry Watch –

Artificial Intelligence

Ms. Sonia Agnese 

Senior Principal Analyst – Latin America, OMDIA

15:50 Wrap Up Mr. Rodney Taylor

Secretary-General, CTU