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CTU Secretary General Calls on Governments to Implement More Effective Policies to Support Caribbean Innovation and Entrepreneurship  

CTU Secretary General Calls on Governments to Implement More Effective Policies to Support Caribbean Innovation and Entrepreneurship  

Miami, FL, 6th December 2023 — Mr. Rodney Taylor, Secretary General of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU), urged Caribbean governments to implement more effective policies to foster innovation and entrepreneurship across the region.  

Mr. Taylor, a leading advocate for technological advancement in the region, highlighted the challenges faced by Caribbean entrepreneurs and innovators. His remarks came at the Connected Caribbean Summit recently held in Miami, FL on 5 -6 December 2023. Taylor’s insights shed light on the long-standing barriers hindering Caribbean innovation and business development, including regulatory hurdles, limited access to funding, and insufficient support structures. These barriers, he argued, have impeded the growth of a robust innovation ecosystem in the Caribbean. 

“Despite the immense potential within the Caribbean, our innovators and entrepreneurs face systemic challenges that hinder their ability to thrive,” noted Mr. Taylor. “It is imperative that governments take bold steps to address these challenges and create an environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship.” 

A central theme of Mr. Taylor’s address was the urgent need for governments to implement more effective policies that specifically cater to the unique needs of innovators and entrepreneurs. He stressed that a comprehensive policy framework, tailored to the Caribbean context, is essential for unlocking the full potential of the region’s innovators. 

“Innovation thrives in an environment where policies are crafted to support and stimulate creativity, risk-taking, and entrepreneurial endeavours,” emphasised Mr. Taylor. “Governments play a crucial role in shaping this environment through targeted policies that address the specific challenges faced by innovators in the Caribbean.” 

Mr. Taylor underscored the importance of data-driven policies that encourage and support entrepreneurship at every stage of the business lifecycle. From fostering a culture of innovation in education to streamlining regulatory processes and providing access to funding, he outlined key areas where governments can make a meaningful impact. 

Mr. Taylor’s call to action reverberated among attendees of the summit, including senior government officials, business leaders and other stakeholders from cross the region. The event promoted collective efforts to overcome barriers, promote innovation, and build a more resilient and inclusive Caribbean. 

About CTU 

The Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) is a regional intergovernmental organisation committed to fostering collaboration and development in the Caribbean’s information and communication technology (ICT) sector. As Secretary General, Mr. Rodney Taylor plays a key role in advocating for policies that drive innovation, digital transformation, and economic growth across the Caribbean. 


The Connected Caribbean Summit is a pivotal annual gathering uniting various sectors to explore and devise strategies for expediting transformative action for Caribbean Development. This unique summit shines as a beacon of opportunity for fostering new levels of regional collaboration, uniting Caribbean chambers and businesses with key stakeholders and partners to provide actionable insights for trade facilitation, business resilience and market growth. 


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