Spectrum Management Task Force and Workshop

July 27, 2023 - July 28, 2023

The Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) invites you to attend a scheduled meeting of the Caribbean Spectrum Management Task Force via Zoom videoconferencing from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. eastern Caribbean time (UTC-4) on the 27th and 28th July 2023. 


Regional harmonisation of spectrum management policies and practices as well as relevant capacity building initiatives are being coordinated regionally by the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) through the work of the Spectrum Management Steering Committee (SMSC) and the multi-stakeholder Spectrum Management Task Force (SMTF). The harmonisation work continues to be guided by tenets of the Caribbean Spectrum Management Strategic Plan developed by these two groups, which seeks to achieve the following goals across the region: 

  • Harmonisation of national frequency allocations and band plans, including common frequencies and international protocols for disaster management and emergency telecommunications 
  • Minimisation of cross border interference 
  • Establishment of common approaches to digital broadcasting switchover, TV white spaces regulation and spectrum pricing. 

In addition to focusing on these goals, the ongoing work of the SMTF and SMSC also creates and leverages capacity-building opportunities and addresses important current matters arising, such as regional preparations for the ITU World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRC-23 is upcoming). 

During the last meeting of the SMTF, which was held virtually in May 2023, the Task Force refined their 2023 Action Plan based on feedback received from the SMSC and also received information on the status of various WRC-23 agenda items following the 2nd Conference Preparatory Meeting (CPM2) from staff from the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau. This July meeting will maintain focus on WRC-23 agenda items towards enhancing Caribbean Member States’ preparation for the 42 CITEL PCC.II in late August 2023. 

Spectrum Management Task Force (SMTF) Meeting Objectives: 27th & 28th July 2023  

The main objectives of this meeting, which will be held in two parts, are as follows:  

Part 1, 27th July, open to representatives of the Caribbean Spectrum Management Task Force, Steering Committee andother resource personnel: 

  • to engage and discuss views with industry stakeholders on matters relevant to the agenda items of WRC-23 
  • to note overall status of CITEL proposals on WRC-23 agenda items 

Part 2, 28th July, open to representatives of the SMTF and SMSC only: 

  • to review Caribbean priority items for WRC-23 
  • to consider Caribbean common positions on priority matters 
  • to consider appropriate approaches for non-priority matters 
  • to review plans and meetings for 2023 in the run-up to WRC-23. 


Draft Agenda


27th July 2023
Indicative Time (UTC-4) Agenda Items Lead / Presenter
10:00 a.m. Opening Remarks CTU / SMTF Chair
10:13 a.m. Group Photo
10:15 a.m. Status of CITEL Proposals re WRC-23 Carmelo Rivera
10:45 a.m. Industry Stakeholder Engagements:

  • GSOA
  • Amazon Project Kuiper
  • Canada Space Agency
  • Iridium
  • DSA
  • GSMA
  • Softbank
  • Anatel – Brazil
  • FCC – USA

  • Gabriela Lago
  • Alex Epshteyn
  • Joanne Frolek
  • Fernando Borjón
  • Martha Suarez
  • Veena Rawat
  • Kentaro Sakata
  • Tarcisio Bakaus
  • Ethan Lucarelli and Louis Bell
1:15 p.m. Any Other Business SMTF Chair
1:30 p.m. End of Meeting
28th July 2023
Indicative Time (UTC-4)  Agenda Items Lead / Presenter
10:00 a.m.   Opening Remarks CTU / SMTF Chair
10:15 a.m.   Review of Caribbean Priority Items for WRC-23 SMTF Chair
10:45 a.m.  Caribbean Common Positions on Priority Items SMTF Chair
12:45 p.m.  Approaches to Non-Priority Items SMTF Chair
12:55 p.m.  2023 Meetings Outlook and Plans SMTF Chair
1:00 p.m.  Any Other Business

End of Meeting

SMTF Chair