Artificial Intelligence Webinar – Opportunities and Threats for the Caribbean

March 22, 2024
Venue: Virtual

Concept Note 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force shaping various aspects of our society, including academia, business and government. The University of the West Indies’ Institute of International Relations and the Caribbean Telecommunications Union, is organizing a thought-provoking public webinar to delve into the governance of AI, the benefits, challenges and the multifaceted implications for various sectors. This two-hour seminar aims to explore the evolving landscape of AI, the potential job displacements, ethical considerations of AI and the transformative impact on academic pursuits. The event will be held virtually via Zoom. 


The objectives of the webinar are to: 

  • foster a comprehensive understanding of the implications of AI on academia 
  • explore the transformative impact of AI on academic programs and curricula 
  • analyze the potential job displacements resulting from AI advancements 
  • examine ethical questions around AI in the various sectors 
  • provide a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue among academia, technology experts, and business leaders. 

Target Audience 

This public lecture is open to students, faculty, professionals, and the general public interested in exploring the intersection of AI, international relations, and academia. Participants with backgrounds in international relations, technology, business, and academia are particularly encouraged to attend. 


The public lecture on AI and its implications for international relations and academia and beyond aims to generate insightful discussions and promote a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with the integration of AI in these fields. By bringing together experts from academia, technology, and business, this event seeks to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and inspire further research and innovation in this rapidly evolving domain. 

Join us for an engaging webinar that will shed light on the transformative power of AI and its potential impact on our interconnected world.