ARIN-CTU Webinar Series:

July 9, 2020
Venue: Online

Join us for the ARIN – CTU four part webinar series, themed: Accelerating 21st Century Government in the Caribbean. Coming to you every Thursday starting from the 9th to the 30th of July 2020. Come and hear the relevant topics, engaging discussions and tough questions answered, all wrapped up in 90 minutes or less. See you soon.

Webinar Series Overview
Webinar Series:Dates:Registration for:Agendas:
Series 19th July21st Century Government, Public Sector and Policy IssuesAgenda
Series 216th JulyLocal IXPs – No Longer an Option, Now an ImperativeAgenda
Series 323rd JulyMeasuring Caribbean Digital Transformation – A Data Driven ApproachAgenda
Series 430th JulyNetwork Security for Public Safety in a 21st Century Government environmentAgenda
What is 21st Century Government? To find out more, view the video below.

Webinar presentations and recordings

Webinar SeriesSpeakersPresentationsRecordings
Webinar 1Ms Bernadette Lewis – Secretary General, CTU21st Century Caribbean GovernmentsAvailable
Webinar 2Mr Junior McIntyre – ICT Specialist, CTUA Case for Caribbean Internet Exchange PointsAvailable
Webinar 3Ms. M. Nadia Vincent- CEO, Digital Transformation LeadersLeadership Imperatives for Caribbean Digital
Transformation and Lessons from Around the Globe
Mr Frédéric Bourassa – Statistician,
Measuring and Analysing Transformation II – A Statisticians Toolkit
Webinar 4Ms. Kerry Ann Barrett, OASCaribbean Cybersecurity and Public Safety Priorities and
Ms. Leslie Nobile, ARINProtecting Infrastructure, Applications, Assets and
Personnel- RIRs Perspectives