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Mr. Devon Rowe, Executive Director of CARICAD (left) greets Mr. Gary Kalloo, Director of Business Development and Implementation Support Unit ahead of the signing of the MOU. Looking on is Ms. Trudy Waterman, CARICAD’s Programme Implementation Officer. Mr. Kalloo delivered remarks on behalf of Secretary-General Rodney Taylor during the signing.

Bridgetown, Barbados, November 28, 2022 – The Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) and the Caribbean Centre for Development Administration (CARICAD) today signed a memorandum of understanding at CARICAD’s Bridgetown offices.

The Caribbean-based organisations both operate in the space of capacity building across the region and not only share several member states, but also share a focus on key concepts such as public sector transformation.

In his remarks at the signing, Executive Director of CARICAD, Devon Rowe reaffirmed CARICAD’s belief that the concept of Transformation is cross-cutting and multi-faceted and not focused on a single subject or issue. He stated, “We are pleased to collaborate with the CTU which shares a similar mandate and has the technical capabilities, which CARICAD has no need to duplicate. Working together, I am sure we will be able to accomplish a lot more and look forward to a long and fruitful closer collaboration.”

In echoing Mr. Rowe’s sentiments, Secretary-General Rodney Taylor expressed, “We are both institutions of CARICOM and there is a natural synergy that we have always had.  There can be no meaningful digital transformation without a focus on reengineering outdated business processes and the changing of mindsets around public service delivery with an emphasis on citizen-centric services”.  

While CARICAD is responsible for public service reforms for 21st Century Government, the CTU informs ICT policy at the national and regional levels and helps governments in the development of strategies for implementing digital platforms.

The objective of CARICAD’s 21st Century Government concept is to transform the public service to support sustainable and resilient development. A key contributor for success is the development of robust digital government, which is an essential part of public administration.  Digital Government is expected to transform the operations, responsiveness, credibility, and performance of the public service, and create a more meaningful relationship between the government and citizens. COVID-19 and its aftermath require that the pace of implementation of digital arrangements in Government must be increased.

The goal of the CTU’s complementary 21st Century Government initiative is to improve service quality, promote transparent and efficient interaction, enhance public trust in government, and drive better citizen experience. The CTU and CARICAD are committed to working collaboratively to establish 21st Century Caribbean Governments in the region.